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Sure, you know what it’s like to attend a retreat — and it's life changing as an attendee.
But, the why and how behind hosting a retreat will change your business forever.
Retreats are the ultimate way to be present with your students, 
travel the world and earn an incredible income!
I have led dozens of profitable retreats in the last 10 years and absolutely loved every one of them. After talking with other instructors who lost money and swore they would never host another retreat I knew I had a proven framework that they could use. 

I started helping them and proved time and time again that this system worked for them as well!

The Retreat Guru Framework is my simple, proven system that makes planning a retreat easy, fun and most of all PROFITABLE!  

It's time to take your knowledge and bring it to you and your students!

Yoga Retreats are an Escape
for Your Students
You love attending them, and you’ve witnessed your fellow yogis lead successful retreats. 
You feel like you’d enjoy leading a retreat, but you have so many questions. 

How would you pull it off? 
What goes on behind the scenes that need to take care of?
I remember when I was like you. More than a decade ago, I led my first yoga retreat. It was a total success AND I learned A LOT during that first experience. Now, with dozens of successful retreats under my belt, I’ve got the art of hosting yoga retreats down to a science.
Don't wait to start because you aren't sure what to do or how to do it. 
Step by step process is ready at your fingertips! 
What Others Yogis Are Saying

Hit my target number!

I booked a retreat to Russia and was having a hard time filling the spots but after the course I was able to hit my max! Wish I had taken the course sooner as I know I underpriced. Next one will be even better thanks to Ari.
-Antonina Lenuvskaya, Circus Trainer

Such a breeze :)

I've been doing retreats but never thought I could make money after the course. I reached my income goals and then had continuity after.
Laura Acro, Yogi & Therapist
This is your opportunity to:
  • Grow your leadership & experience
  • ​Travel the world
  • ​Explore & share your knowledge
  • Exponentially grow your profits
Are You a Good Fit to Lead A Retreat?
  • Do you love growth?
  • ​Are you able to hold space?
  • ​Can you be at ease anywhere you go?
  • ​Do you mold well to situations?
  • ​Can you handle situations with ease?
If you answered YES to any of these questions - then YOU ARE READY!
Being a leader is your calling as a wellness provider. Allow yourself to impact in a bigger way and create the life you want for you and yours. This course is designed with you in mind to help you avoid the mistakes I made... which are plenty.
What do I get in the course?
6 Course Content Modules
  • Module 1: The Gypsy Within
  • Module 2: Overview & Marketing
  • Module 3: Details & Logistics
  •  Module 4: Sell it Out!
  • Module 5: Putting it All Together
  • Module 6: Retreat Q & A with Ari (Live Training Recording)
Believe me, after almost 10 years of leading retreats worldwide I'm so excited and honored to share what I know and can guide you on your journey!
  • Build Your Perfect Website in 3 hours or less
  • Spreadsheet to make it so easy for you!
  • Prewritten emails to promote and market your retreat
  • Sales & Pricing training
  • Support from Ari :)
  • FUN!
Avoid a ton of mistakes and missed opportunities when hosting a retreat, whether it's near or far.
Create the space to grow for yourself and your students. 
Customize your experience with a 1-1 Call with Arianne!
Entire course, pre-made bundles, spreadsheets and more!!!
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